Canine-Feline Wellness Questionnaire

"It's amazing how attached you get to your furry little friend. When they get sick it breaks your heart bc you can't fix them yourself. You can only hope you have quality vet care available to you. I'd been numerous times to Scottsdale animal healthcare.... unfortunately since my little Maltese had been quite ill. Every time we were there, everyone took such great care of her. The front staff always has a smile. The vet techs go over everything they need to get the patient ready and the doctors are all amazing. Kind, compassionate, and they care... They really care. It was time to put my baby down and knew I had to rush her in. They explained everything and made sure I knew all the facts so I made an informed decision. My little one is at peace now. You won't find a more caring, highly qualified vet in the area. I was lucky to have found them."

jodee levine